Runic Technology Launches Eleven Automotive-qualified ICs


Runic launches four classification total eleven products meeting AEC-Q100 grade 1 and MSL1.

Amplifiers : RS8557XF-Q1、RS8452XK-Q1、RS8454XP-Q1

Comparators: LM2901XQ-Q1、LM2903XK-Q1

Level converters: RS4T245XTQW16-Q1、RS1T45XC6-Q1、RS2T45VS8-Q1

Logic ICs RS1G14XC5-Q1、RS1G17XC5-Q1、RS1G32XF5-Q1


Our products were performed and passed on a series of reliability tests - accelerated environment stress tests, accelerated lifetime Simulation tests, package assembly integrity tests, die fabrication reliability tests, electrical verification tests, defect screening tests to meet AEC-Q100 qualification.

RS4T245XTQW16-Q designed for DHVQFN16 SWF(side-wettable flank)is the first IC in China meeting automotive qualification.


Benefits of QNF packaging:


1. Excellent thermal performance

2. Small footprint (yields savings in PCB real estate)

3. Thin package

The defects of QFN


There is no easily viewed for automotive application to solderable or exposed pins/terminals to determine whether or not the package successfully soldered on to the printed circuit board (PCB) for general QFN packaging; however, Runic ensures RS4T245XTQW16-Q quality using AuPdNi Etching dimple lead to fulfill AOI visualization.



There are 16 products in Runic meeting AEC-Q100 Grade 1. Contact us for more information.