R & D advantages Manufacturing system Quality control

Quality assurance

Up to 60 day mass production scale

Perfect product development process, rapid response to customer needs through strong R & D capabilities, short delivery time, and the fastest mass production in 6 months.

Upstream enterprises are first-class enterprises

Runic partners are at the leading level in the industry chain of wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing, and have completed production tasks with high standards, and have been certified by authoritative certification bodies for many times.

Using Fabless mode, low cost

Under the premise of ensuring the performance level of the chip, we strive to create higher quality products at a lower cost.

Multi-category chip design

The company's products are all independently developed and have 100% intellectual property rights.

Perfect system guarantee

Strict quality control system
By establishing a complete ROHS / REACH / SGS and quality assurance system, the company ensures the performance level of the designed chip products
Perfect supply chain management system
Runic Technology has gradually formed a perfect supplier management system, preferably the industry's leading suppliers, strictly control the supply capacity and product quality, and form competitive products.
Quick response to personalized customization
From Spec / FPGA / algorithm to chip delivery, including: chip architecture planning, IP selection, front-end design, DFT, verification, physical design, layout, tape-out, packaging and test services, etc. Perfect product development process, quick response to customer needs.
Pass ISO and strictly follow the international system
Under the premise of taking quality as the center, the ISO9001:2015 quality management system was established, and the perfect quality management system was established in strict accordance with the highest standards of the industry, and the product quality was guaranteed to meet the international standards.

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