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Full scene link, make Runic chips active in every corner of the electronic product world

Professional FAE team

The company has set up sales and technical service centers in Shenzhen, and has resided personnel in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Taipei and other places to provide a full range of services nearby.

Support personalized customization

The company has strong R & D strength, and can customize R & D chips according to the needs of customers.

Cover 100+ areas

Products include amplifiers and comparators, analog switches, power management, data converters, etc., which are widely used in industrial control, medical equipment, security monitoring equipment, instrumentation, automotive electronics, smart home and consumer electronics.

Deeply explore the subdivision field and provide more professional product solutions

Satellite navigation, electronic communication, life consumption, security electronics, intelligent equipment, instruments, electronic components, led, Runic have detailed solutions

Nationwide sales network provides localized services

No matter where you can, you can experienced localized
200+Service provider
200+City sales network
100 million+Cumulative shipments
7×24hGood service

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