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Operational amplifier and comparator Analog switch Linear regulator Data conversion * (under development) Analog front end * (under development) Logic Translator Voltage reference source Power products

Operational amplifier and comparator

Runic technology provides customers with a wide range of operational amplifiers and comparators, which can better meet different types of application needs of customers. It mainly includes precision operational amplifier, high-speed operational amplifier, low-noise operational amplifier, low offset voltage operational amplifier, micro power operational amplifier, high-voltage General-Purpose Amplifier, high-voltage high-precision operational amplifier, special operational amplifier, instrument amplifier, micro power comparator and high-speed comparator. It has high quality, high performance and rich selection Point, widely used in medical electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control
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Analog switch

Runic technology provides customers with a series of low-voltage analog switches, including single channel and multi-channel analog switch products with a variety of signal ranges. It has the characteristics of low on impedance (as low as 0.5 Ω), high speed, high performance, small package, rich selection, etc., which can better meet customer needs.
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Linear regulator

Runic technology provides customers with a series of high-performance, low-voltage difference, wide range linear regulators, which are characterized by low noise, low power consumption, fast transient response, excellent voltage and load regulation ability, wide input voltage range, multiple output voltage options, small package, etc., and can well meet customers' different needs.
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Data conversion * (under development)

Runic technology provides customers with a series of data converter products, mainly including 12 to 24 bit multi-channel high-precision delta sigma ADC, with low power consumption, high precision, self calibration and other characteristics, widely used in precision instruments, medical electronics, automotive electronics, artificial intelligence, aerospace and other fields.
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Analog front end * (under development)

Runic technology has developed a series of products for the medical electronic market, including 24 bit analog front-end rs129x and 16 bit analog front-end rs119x, which are mainly used for bioelectrical potential measurement and collect all portable, low-power medical ECG (ECG / EEG) and all the features required for fitness application, with high integration and performance, can reduce power consumption and overall cost, and realize the expansion and upgrading of medical instrument system.
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Logic Translator

Runic technology develop& launchs automatic bidirectional voltage converter for I / O voltage difference application.
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Voltage reference source

Runic Technology provides customers with a series of voltage reference source chips with different accuracy and different voltages, which are widely used in medical instruments, instruments, power supplies, industrial control, automotive electrical appliances and other fields.
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Power products

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