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Application Note: RS0102 – Level translator

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Level shifter and voltage shifter are two different function chips in the system. The level shifter is based on the signal level. For example, the GPIO port of the MCU has a working voltage of 3.3V, and the GPIO of the DSP is 1.8 V, the communication between them can’t be connected  directly, and the level adaptation process is needed for 2 systems communication.

The RS0102 level translator chip provides dual data lines, which are mainly used for communication interfaces such as UART, I2C, SMBus, and GPIO. It can automatically recognize the direction. It is compatible with push-pull output architecture and open-drain output architecture. Its main features are as follows:

●No need data direction control;

Push-pull architecture supports 24Mbps data rate, open drain architecture supports 2Mbps data rate;

A side supports 1.65V~5.5V, B side supports 2.3V~5.5V;

A and B side power supplies are isolated from each other;

No power-on sequence requirement;

●Operating Temp. :  -40°C~+85°C.

Figure 1 Typical application circuit diagram

It should be noted that the supply voltage of VCCA cannot be greater than VCCB, that is, side A is connected to the low-voltage system, and side B is connected to the high-voltage system.

RS0102 provides a variety of standard packages, including SOT23-8, VSSOP and DFN packages to meet the design requirement of different product systems.

Figure 2 Package and pin definition


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