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Runic Technology won the "2020 Hardcore China Core·Best Domestic Analog Circuit Chip Product Award"

Return to list Release time:2020-11-05 15:46 Views:151次 Source:Runic Technology

      On November 3, the "2020 Hardcore China Core Leadership Summit and Selection Awards Ceremony" hosted by Master Core and named by Shenzhen Fubao Group came to a successful conclusion. In the "2020 Hardcore China Core" selection, Runic Technology won the "2020 Best Domestic Analog Circuit Chip Product Award" with its excellent product performance and excellent market performance.

      Nearly 150 semiconductor companies actively participated in the "2020 Hardcore China Chip" selection activity; 400,000 electronic engineers and nearly 40 industry expert judges participated in the evaluation during the selection period, striving to select the most representative Chinese chip companies and products in 2020 , In order to commend outstanding domestic semiconductor companies and encourage domestic companies to increase IC product and technology research and development.
      Award-winning product: high input withstand voltage, high power supply ripple rejection ratio, low power consumption linear regulator RS3007
      ①Product performance: high PSRR, strong anti-surge ability, small pressure difference, low power consumption, excellent transient response;
      ②Price competitiveness: provide highly competitive price support;
      ③Technical innovation: solve the shortcomings of high-voltage LDO and low PSRR, while reducing power consumption;
      ④Customer service: short delivery time, real-time technical support;
      ⑤Market sales: in mass shipment.


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