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Runic technology won two hard core China core Awards

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On December 19, 2019, in the "Innovative Infinite Core Possibility · 2019 Hardcore China Core Leader Summit and Selection Award Ceremony", Runic Technology's analog switch product RS550 won the "2019 Best Domestic Power IC Product Award". At the same time, the company won the "2019 Most Potential IC Design Enterprise Award"!

Award-winning product RS550

RS550 is an analog switch designed based on the depletion mode MOS process. When the system does not provide working power, all channels are in a closed conduction state. When the system provides a certain operating voltage, all channels are in a non-conduction state. Other main features are as follows:
● Provide 4 channels to meet the application of left and right channel stereo differential signal and single-ended signal;
● Cover audio frequency band;
● Lower on-resistance: 0.5Ω;
● Total harmonic distortion THD + N is as low as 0.002%;
● Available in WLCSP12 and QFN2.5x2.5 packages

The main application scenario of RS550 is noise reduction headphones and other audio systems. For example, when the battery of the headphones is exhausted, or the external input audio source needs to be controlled to the speaker, RS550 is in a closed conduction state without power supply, 0.002 % THD + N can ensure the perfect passage of audio signals.

RS550 is available in WLCSP12 and QFN2.5x2.5 packages, which can not only meet the area requirements and compatibility requirements for miniaturization of headphone systems, but also provide QFN2.5x2.5 packages for the convenience and yield of R & D, debugging, production and processing.


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